Sports Betting Bonus

Anyone who is interested in sports betting and likes to make bets online will sooner or later encounter the so-called sports betting bonus, which is offered in many online casinos The bookmakers are becoming increasingly creative and offer a variety of bonuses for new customers or for loyal players: Meanwhile, there is the no-deposit sports betting bonus, special deposit bonuses, multi-bet bonuses and much more.

What exactly are sports betting bonus offers and what speaks in favor of using them?

With a sports betting bonus, you can get deals for different types of sports betting from online bookmakers. For example, you get a free bet balance that you can use on a bet of your choice. This is then virtually a bet bonus without deposit, because you get this, for example, for the mere registration on the page. An alternative is the deposit bonus, where you can typically get up to 100 euros extra. That means something like: You pay 50 euros and the casino doubles the deposit, so that you have a credit of 100 euros.

  • With the latest betting sign up bonuses you can save money
  • You can benefit from offers without taking a risk
  • With a bonus offer you can try different bookmakers
  • A good bookmaker will usually make good offers to you

If you want to use the best sports betting bonus, then you can make a betting bonus comparison and look at very different bookmakers. For example, Bet at Home or Betsson are known but the offer is really big. We are sure that there will definitely be a good offer for you and that you should not miss your bonus.

Why are sports betting bonuses even offered?

Sports betting is becoming more and more popular, which is why more and more bookies can be found for players from Germany, Switzerland or Austria, who would like to enjoy a bonus. That is also clear, because the competition is finally getting bigger. Why should you sign up for a site that does not offer you a little extra for your money?

Accordingly, there are very different welcome gifts that you can dust off at online casinos. Often, there are not only sports betting on the sites, but also casino games, for which bonuses are also awarded. The operators want to attract new players in this way and move them to a registration. But since they are also interested in the fact that the players permanently convert money on the sides, also new offers are published constantly, from which you can benefit then again and again.

Is there a catch?

You have a disadvantage of the sports betting bonus in any case. In particular, the no-deposit sports betting bonus is well worth it because you do not have to invest your own money, but you can still win. The only thing you need to remember is that your credit will always be paid out to you in the form of bonus money. This applies to both free betting and bonus money, which will be transferred to you as part of other bonus offers.

If you play with bonus money, that’s not real money, as the name implies. Likewise, there are a few conditions that you need to meet for your bonus balance. For example, you can not withdraw the balance immediately, it must first be converted x times in the casino. For example, 30 to 40 times are common. If you can then earn winnings at the end, you can get the money paid out.

It is also important that you never try too early to initiate the payout. If you still have bonus money that needs to be converted, it is quite possible that the bookmaker will cancel all winnings if the payout is too early. That would be a great pity and annoying. Therefore always inform yourself, how the bonus rules of each page are.

Basically sports betting bonuses are absolutely reputable and you should definitely use them. Alone to test a bookmaker without your own risk, worth the sports betting bonus for you in any case.

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Which sports bet bonus is the best for me?

Choosing an offer can be a bit difficult. The bookmakers are becoming more and more creative and accordingly, there is now a bonus for every occasion. That’s why we first want to clarify which bonuses you can even use with the bookmakers. In the following, therefore, we first introduce you to all the different betting bonuses.

Deposit bonus for the first deposit

How much you can get out of this bonus depends on the amount of your first deposit. Typical are a bonus over 50% or 100%. The maximum amount is also set. Do you get your deposit doubled, that means specifically: Deposit up to 100 euros, to have 200 euros to play available. Also always make sure that you do not exceed the limit, because if the deposit is doubled up to 100 then it brings you nothing to deposit 500 you will end up still receive only 100 extra. Good deposit bonuses can also be found at bookmakers like Bet365 or Tipico.

Free bet

No Deposit Bonus

The free bet or Free Bet in English is not only available to new players, but also to loyal gamblers who regularly visit the site. At sites like William Hill or Betvictor you get a free credit as a welcome bonus.

Often, this sports betting bonus is awarded without a deposit but also again and again. There can then be special occasions, such as a very exciting match, which is pending. You have to keep in mind, however, that with the Free Bet you only get a net profit made up of betting profit minus wagering.

Cashback bonus

Here you have something to do with a money back guarantee. This means: If you lose with your bet, the bookmaker gives it a cashback. A portion of your losses will then be refunded to you, which of course is very nice and makes it easier to take a slightly higher risk. Also, you get the cashback bonus provided on certain occasions, we’ve already seen him at bookmakers like Betvictor.

Bonus for your mobile device

More and more you want to be able to make a bet on the go with your smartphone or tablet. On most pages, you can also follow the latest results live, so that the thrill is given at all times. All the better is the current development that there are also mobile bonuses that are aimed specifically at mobile phone or tablet users. Again, this is usually a free bet balance, with which you do not have to take any risks yourself. Of course, it can also be that your profit has to be implemented and can not be paid directly, but this is the best way to inform the bookmaker about the exact conditions.

Reload bonus

The reload bonus is aimed more at existing customers than at newly registered players. The bonus is used to encourage players who have not been active for a long time to bet again. In addition, permanent gamblers should be rewarded for their loyalty. Again, your deposit will be increased by a certain amount. Note the limit so you can get the best possible addition. Do not miss this gift, because even if you play regularly, you should be able to benefit from good sports betting bonus offers, so you do not decide for a new bookmaker, which waving again with a new welcome bonus. Especially if you have settled in well on one page and the provider appreciates, it is nice if you are rewarded by the operators for your loyalty.

Bonus for combined bets

Since combination bets are popular sports betting, there is also a very specific offer for it. Which conditions you find exactly depends on the provider you choose. To use the bonus, you select certain games for the combined bet. Should you unfortunately lose, the bookmaker will refund your wager. In most cases, a minimum quota is to be considered, for example, look at the bookmaker Bet365, because you can get a multi-bet bonus and read all the information about it.

Bonus for attracting new customers

It is also good if you recruit new players, because that reward some bookmakers. You will then get free bets, for example, if a new player registration indicates your name. If you can use the bonus to meet all the wagering requirements, hopefully you’ll end up earning cash that you can easily cash out.

After all this information about online betting, i must advice you to only practice safe betting and if you have Gambling Addiction, consult with a profesional