Do you need to open an account with a bookmaker to be able to bet online and do not know which one to choose between the different payment methods? Find out which are the best payment methods for online betting and how to use them. There are many payment methods to deposit and withdraw online, but we only see the most accredited ones, that is accepted by all online platforms. After completing the registration, the bookmaker will ask you how you want to deposit and withdraw your eventual winnings.
online payment methods

Bank transfer

The most common payment method is bank transfer or credit card. Do you already have a current account on your behalf? Well, you can send a transfer to the bookmaker directly online, or use your credit card linked to the account. If you want to open a current account only for your bets, bet on banks like ING Direct , Fineco or IWBank : for you, the transfers are free and without commissions!

Minimum 24/48 hours as time provided for deposits and withdrawals via bank!

Bank transfer is not a method of payment of practical money today. Waiting times often exceed 2 working days, and are not recommended for those who bet live.

Credit Cards

If you do not have a current account, you do not have to open one, but you can use other payment methods for online bets. The most popular is the credit card, which can also be debit and prepaid. If the transfer is slower to arrive, with the credit and debit card the amounts arrive immediately and you can pay in cash at the counters when you can (based on the conditions chosen with the bank). Choose credit cards from the VISA and Mastercard circuit , because some credit cards from other circuits may not be accepted, in fact we advise against American Express or Diners Club, accepted only by a few operators.

Prepaid Cards

With prepaid cards, top up first and pay the bookmaker immediately. In this way, you manage the expenses, but be careful: you will not be able to get advances and there may be commissions on withdrawals and payments.

The eWallets Online

However, the best payment methods for online bets are eWallets, ie online wallets. The best known is Paypal , which we all have heard about sometimes, but it is not accepted on several bookmakers. In a few clicks, you open the current account, connect to the credit card for withdrawals and you can send and receive payments without commission. Just an email to register. Paypal, as mentioned, is not accepted everywhere and sending and receiving money with it can cost you a few euros in commission, but there are also two alternatives that are much requested by online bookmakers. The first is Neteller and the second is Skrill.

Also here, when there is not enough cash on the online wallet, you go to withdraw from the credit card or from the connected current account. The commissions are zero and some bookmakers offer special bonuses to those who use these payment methods. If you want to be on the safe side, among the payment methods for your online bets entrusted to eWallets, and not to bank transfer or credit cards, which often have limitations and commission costs if you withdraw or pay more than once per week. We also advise against payment methods like Paysafecard and ClickandBuy that have existed for years but not all online bookmakers accept them.


Bitcoin is the fastest growing and decentralized digital currency that allows users to safely transfer money over the Internet without intermediaries. Our Bitcoin guide will help you better understand how the mechanism of this cryptocurrency works. But what has allowed its success is that Bitcoin is anonymous, since there are no intermediaries to know how to use their money.

Final tips

If you already have an account, it makes no sense to open another one: you should connect it to Skrill or Neteller to start betting and winning immediately! In this way, you will get clean winnings, that is without having to pay commissions that are of no use. The top-ups on your account for the amounts of winnings will be even faster: in 24 hours at the most you will immediately get the requested amount credited to your account. Once indicated which system you have chosen among the payment methods for online bets, the bookmaker will not make any other requests to you and will directly credit or withdraw the amounts based on the trend of your predictions. With these payment methods, you can bet on all online platforms and win in any sport, from soccer to American football tournaments, through swimming and fantasy football. Don’t wait any longer and choose the right payment method to turn your hobby into new winning possibilities, to be credited to your current account in real time!