esports betting
If you have recently heard about eSports and you are intrigued by what can actually be hidden behind this expanding world … you are in excellent company: the eSports landscape is in fact growing very fast all over the world, and recently it has also taken hold on the Italian market. But what is it? Let’s see what basic information is necessary to be able to have fun and bet on these fantastic events. We will also periodically publish a series of insights that will allow you to become a real expert in eSports, and betting on electronic sports!

What are the eSports?

In an attempt to define it, we can certainly underline how eSports are those electronic game disciplines organized at a competitive level. Therefore, it is not a question of simple “games” of video games, but of a complex, articulated, structured and well-regulated phenomenon, now able to embrace international boundaries and millionaire interests.

In addition to becoming a protagonist as a “player” within eSports, you can become a protagonist as a “bettor” on electronic sports . In fact, more and more operators (from Snai to Bet365, from William Hill to Eurobet) have equipped their portals in order to allow all interested users to place bets on the most popular eSports of the moment.

How and where to bet on eSports?

From League of Legends (LOL) tournaments to those of CS: GO, passing through Hearthstone, StarCrat2, DOTA2 and Fifa17, the competitions that will allow you to take part in eSports and their bets are really numerous. All you have to do is open a game account choosing between the AAMS operators that quote the eSports (on our site you can find complete reviews of the best!), Deposit the funds into your gaming account, consult our forecasts and place the your bet.

Month after month, more and more bookmakers offer their users the opportunity to bet on eSports. The betting methods are the same as for sports events: we can thus focus on the outcome of the individual matches as well as on the final winners of the competition, as well as of course specific events specific to the game involved.

Among the main ones we can only remember the existence of Bet365, surely one of the most famous bookmakers in the world, with more than 20 million bettors in 200 countries, which for some time also have the opportunity to bet on eSports.

Even William Hill does not want to be outdone compared to the competition and offers a complete and always updated schedule for each event.

Among the other bookmakers that we feel we can recommend and that allow us to bet on the events of eSports also Eurobet, which in addition to sports bets, casino games and online poker, for several months also has a fair range of odds for electronic sports.

What games can I bet on?

It is probably not possible to draw up a complete list of all the eSports on which you can try to bet. However, we can certainly remember which are the most popular and favorite ones from the public and players:

  • League of Legends (LoL) : it is probably the best known game on the eSports circuit, powered monthly by more than 80 million players around the globe. It is a game in MOBA mode (multiplayer online battle arena) in which two teams of five players compete to try to break down the opponent’s base.
  • Dota 2 : is a multiplayer with a fairly similar operation to LoL (in essence, as you will experience, it is quite different, but the basic mechanism calls it to mind). This is probably one of the 2-3 most profitable eSports for those who participate and … for those who bet!
  • Call of Duty : CoD is a very famous first person shooter (FPS) that has landed for some time in eSports. It is one of the most well-known games of its kind.
  • Counter Strike : as well as CoD, it is a very famous and widely used FPS in the electronic sports sector. The CS: GO version (Global Offensive) is a real must for fans of the sector!
  • Fifa17 : could he possibly miss a game of soccer in this roundup of eSports? Of course not! Although the business is still not as prolific as some other titles, the Fifa series is getting ready to become a hard core for electronic sports.

Having clarified the above, we can only invite you to read our insights on eSports and on the best strategies to bet on them!