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League of legends

League of legends esports game
Have you ever heard of League of Legends ? Unless you have lived out of the world of exports to date, it is likely yes: it is one of the most famous and used export in the world, and there is no electronic sports fanatic who has not at least made a little thought on the possibility of playing some matches! Developed by Riot Games for Windows and OS platforms, it is actually used by tens of millions of players every day but … for what reason? And how can you play and bet with LOL?

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a MOBA developed by Riot Games for all major operating systems. Strategic play in real time, since 2009 (the year of its official post-beta launch) it has attracted hundreds of millions of players across the planet, with a growing appeal that has guaranteed LOL the chance to boast more than 30 on its servers millions of people who populate its platform every day.

For more information go to the Official League Of Legends website.

Also available in Italian, the game requires users to be divided into 2 teams of 3-5 “champions” (depending on the map chosen): each team starts on opposite sides of the map, next to its Nexus. The game declares itself won when the opponent’s Nexus is destroyed, or if the team surrenders.

However, conquering the Nexus is not a simple task: reaching the goal means crossing a path characterized by a series of towers (Turrets), positioned on the main lines, in order to slow down the advance of the Minions (PNGs created automatically by the platform) and of the opposing champions.

How are LOL’s ESports performed?

Numerous LOL tournaments, leagues and leagues are organized in all the main countries of the world: these are regulated and supervised competitions, within which the requirements of correctness and transparency are guaranteed.

Among the most famous leagues in the world are the EU LCS (Europe), the NA LCS (North America), the LCK (South Korea), the LPL (China) and the LMS (South East Asia). Then there are the Challenger series (the most important are in Europe and the United States) and world tournaments, such as the World Championship, held in October, the Mid Season Invitational, the All Star Event and the International Wildcard.

Who are the LOL Stars?

As in all competitions, even in LOL there are squares of particular notoriety and importance, emerging teams, globally recognized champions, young promises, and so on.

In the difficult attempt to reconstruct who the strongest teams are, a brief mention is surely due to Fnatic, champions of the first season of LOL and able to win 7 international tournaments and numerous “secondary” prizes. The team is currently composed of Paul “sOAZ” Boyer, Lauri “Cyanide” Happonen, Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez, Johannes “Puszu” Uibos, Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim.

Other particularly famous teams include Gambit BenQ, Lemondogs, Cloud 9 HyperX, TSM Snapdragon, Vulcun TechBargains, Najin Black Sword, OMG, Samsung Ozone, Royal Club Huang Zu, SK Telekom T1, Gamania Bears, Team Mineski.

Is it possible to bet on LOL?

Now that we have briefly summarized the main features of League of Legends, it might be useful to know that you can bet on LOL exactly as you could on any other sport.

Therefore, on the main bookmakers you will surely find a section dedicated to electronic sports and, inside it, hundreds of different bets on single matches or on the final outcome. Not only that: in addition to winning bets on who will go to the final or who will win the competition, or who will win the most in the most visible match, you will also have the chance to bet on even more specific events, such as those who destroy the first tower (a sort of “who makes the first goal” in the world of football).


Dota2 esports game
If you are an export enthusiast, or at least you are curious about this world, so much so that you have taken at least the first step in it, you have certainly heard of Dota and, above all, of Dota 2 . Moreover, it is one of the most famous and celebrated exports of the whole planet, and many of the users who have approached the electronic sports panorama over the years have played intense matches with this very exciting free-to-play MOBA. Developed by Valve Corporation for Windows, macOS and Linux platforms, it is a real-time strategy that could leave you breathless. But for what reason? And how can you play and bet with Dota 2?

What is Dota 2?

Dota 2 is a MOBA, a real-time strategic joy, a sequel to Dota (Defense of the Ancients), a customized map of the famous Warcraft 3. Unlike the original, however, it is a stand-alone product, and makes no reference to the title of “Defense of the Ancients” due to some problems with Blizzard, the software house that is part of the Warcraft saga .

Launched in 2012 in digital format and in beta, and in 2013 in its official version , it is available for Windows, macOS and Linux platforms and, since the very first days of its release, has captured the attention and passion of millions of gamers in Worldwide.

In Dota 2 the team’s main objective is to destroy the fortress of the opposing team. The individual members of the team can control their Hero and, as the structure of other non-dissimilar exports (such as LOL , of which we spoke recently) foresee , sees one of the main keys to success in coordinating group members. Generally the battles between the teams take place within a series of paths that can connect the two bases, flanked by defense towers.

Having said that, if you will be able to get close to the Dota 2 world, you will immediately realize the very high number of determinants that could come close to or move away from success: the availability of over 100 heroes with different characteristics, the various roles and sub-categories that can be adopted, the available skills and objects, factions present, are just some of the variables that could affect your game.

How are Dota 2’s ESports carried out?

As is the case for all the most played exports in the world, also for Dota 2 there are numerous tournaments, leagues and championships, organized around the globe to allow fans (professionals or aspiring ones) to compete with other teams within a regulated and supervised context.

Dota 2 events usually last a few days, and are available in different places and times of the year. Among the main annual events we definitely have the DireTide, which falls in the period of Halloween and, above all, The International, the most important tournament in Dota 2.

Who are the Dota 2 Stars?

As in all esports, even in Dota 2 there are teams that are particularly accredited and … lucky: the victories in official Dota 2 tournaments bring in a dowry that is often very significant.

Currently, the statistics of the strongest Dota 2 teams are led by the Team Liquid Europeans , ahead of Virtus Pro Russians and Evil Geniuses Americans. Down from the podium, but still within the top ten, we find Team Secret (4, Europe), Newbee (5, China), OG Dota 2 (6, Europe), Team NP (7, Canada), LGD Forever Young (8, China), TnC (9, Philippines) and LGD (10, China).

Is it possible to bet on Dota 2?

At this point you should have gotten some basic information on Dota 2, enough to get you closer to this export. Of course, if you don’t want to play this electronic sport in person, but want to just bet on Dota 2 , exactly as you could do on any other discipline, you can do it in total safety and from just a few euros!

In fact, on all the most famous bookmakers you will find a section dedicated to electronic sports and, within it, lots of bets on single matches or on the final outcome of Dota 2 competitions . In addition to winning bets on who will go to the final or who will win the competition, you can also widen your betting vision by focusing on the most visible matches, and much more.

Betting on eSports

esports betting
If you have recently heard about eSports and you are intrigued by what can actually be hidden behind this expanding world … you are in excellent company: the eSports landscape is in fact growing very fast all over the world, and recently it has also taken hold on the Italian market. But what is it? Let’s see what basic information is necessary to be able to have fun and bet on these fantastic events. We will also periodically publish a series of insights that will allow you to become a real expert in eSports, and betting on electronic sports!

What are the eSports?

In an attempt to define it, we can certainly underline how eSports are those electronic game disciplines organized at a competitive level. Therefore, it is not a question of simple “games” of video games, but of a complex, articulated, structured and well-regulated phenomenon, now able to embrace international boundaries and millionaire interests.

In addition to becoming a protagonist as a “player” within eSports, you can become a protagonist as a “bettor” on electronic sports . In fact, more and more operators (from Snai to Bet365, from William Hill to Eurobet) have equipped their portals in order to allow all interested users to place bets on the most popular eSports of the moment.

How and where to bet on eSports?

From League of Legends (LOL) tournaments to those of CS: GO, passing through Hearthstone, StarCrat2, DOTA2 and Fifa17, the competitions that will allow you to take part in eSports and their bets are really numerous. All you have to do is open a game account choosing between the AAMS operators that quote the eSports (on our site you can find complete reviews of the best!), Deposit the funds into your gaming account, consult our forecasts and place the your bet.

Month after month, more and more bookmakers offer their users the opportunity to bet on eSports. The betting methods are the same as for sports events: we can thus focus on the outcome of the individual matches as well as on the final winners of the competition, as well as of course specific events specific to the game involved.

Among the main ones we can only remember the existence of Bet365, surely one of the most famous bookmakers in the world, with more than 20 million bettors in 200 countries, which for some time also have the opportunity to bet on eSports.

Even William Hill does not want to be outdone compared to the competition and offers a complete and always updated schedule for each event.

Among the other bookmakers that we feel we can recommend and that allow us to bet on the events of eSports also Eurobet, which in addition to sports bets, casino games and online poker, for several months also has a fair range of odds for electronic sports.

What games can I bet on?

It is probably not possible to draw up a complete list of all the eSports on which you can try to bet. However, we can certainly remember which are the most popular and favorite ones from the public and players:

  • League of Legends (LoL) : it is probably the best known game on the eSports circuit, powered monthly by more than 80 million players around the globe. It is a game in MOBA mode (multiplayer online battle arena) in which two teams of five players compete to try to break down the opponent’s base.
  • Dota 2 : is a multiplayer with a fairly similar operation to LoL (in essence, as you will experience, it is quite different, but the basic mechanism calls it to mind). This is probably one of the 2-3 most profitable eSports for those who participate and … for those who bet!
  • Call of Duty : CoD is a very famous first person shooter (FPS) that has landed for some time in eSports. It is one of the most well-known games of its kind.
  • Counter Strike : as well as CoD, it is a very famous and widely used FPS in the electronic sports sector. The CS: GO version (Global Offensive) is a real must for fans of the sector!
  • Fifa17 : could he possibly miss a game of soccer in this roundup of eSports? Of course not! Although the business is still not as prolific as some other titles, the Fifa series is getting ready to become a hard core for electronic sports.

Having clarified the above, we can only invite you to read our insights on eSports and on the best strategies to bet on them!